The Courts of British Columbia

Social Media Terms of Use

The following Terms of Use outline how the Supreme Court uses Twitter.

Please note that the content of any Tweets posted by the Supreme Court does not constitute legal advice and is intended for informational purposes only.

Engaging with the Supreme Court’s Twitter account is not considered contacting the Court for any official purpose. Practice Direction 27 – Communicating with the Court offers guidance for instances in which it may be necessary to communicate with the Court through its formal processes.

At present, the Supreme Court’s only social media presence is its Twitter account, @BCSupremeCourt.


The Supreme Court may post Tweets with content including, but not limited to:

  • Operational updates;
  • New notices and Practice Directions;
  • Announcements of judicial appointments and retirements;
  • Links to reports issued by the Court;
  • Informational posts;
  • Recently published reasons for judgment; and
  • Statements from the Chief Justice.

The Court’s decision to Follow another Twitter account or Retweet a Tweet does not indicate an endorsement of that account, its content, or the organization behind it.


Social media platforms such as Twitter are external to the Supreme Court, and users are bound by the platform’s terms and conditions of use.

The Court is committed to treating other users respectfully, and expects other users interacting with its Twitter account to do so with courtesy and respect.

The Court reserves the right to mute, block, and/or report any user responsible for Tweets violating these Terms of Use to prevent additional inappropriate conduct.


The Court’s Twitter posts may display links to websites that are not under the Court’s control. Such links are provided solely for the convenience of users, and the Court is not responsible for the information found through such links, nor does it endorse the websites or their content.